VIDEO: Consumer Directed Care – It’s a matter of choice!

The ‘Home Care Today’ project ran from 2013 to June 2017. COTA Australia continues to provide access to Home Care Today resources which were current at June 2017. However they are no longer monitored or updated, and information may not be current.

An individualised budget must be developed in partnership between the consumer and the provider. It must list the amount of subsidy the Government is paying (including any supplements), the maximum amount of home care fees payable by the consumer and the cost of the agreed care and services. Consumers are to receive an individualised budget as soon as practical after the provider has all the necessary information to complete the budget.

The consumer is to also receive a monthly statement of available funds and expenditure for the care and services delivered in a particular period.

Both of these documents must be in an agreed format that is easy to read and understandable by the consumer.

This DVD has been produced by the Workforce Innovation Network in the Central Coast of NSW.

It is designed to introduce staff to the changes that will result from the introduction of consumer directed care.

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