The Voice of Consumers in Home Care – Pathways to Consumer Participation Charts

The ‘Home Care Today’ project ran from 2013 to June 2017. COTA Australia continues to provide access to Home Care Today resources which were current at June 2017. However they are no longer monitored or updated, and information may not be current. 

The purpose of this guide ‘The Voice of Consumers in Home Care: A Practical Guide’ is to support providers in establishing strong relationships with people who are using their services and to assist in developing a closer and more meaningful engagement with existing consumers.

If you want to know where your organisation stands on the participation ladder, please download our ‘The Voice of Consumers: Pathways to Consumer Participation Charts’ in A4 or A3. This can be useful for staff training or conversations with your consumers.

To view the downloads for The Voice of Consumers in Home Care Guide and Worksheet, see the resource links below:

VIEW the guide: The Voice of Consumers in Home Care – A Practical Guide

VIEW the worksheet: The Voice of Consumers in Home Care -Worksheet

VIEW our page: Consumer Engagement in your Organisation