Our Achievements

Our Achievements

COTA Australia recognises that change is only achieved by sustained, consistent and determined advocacy at both the highest levels of government and in the wider community.  A key focus is on maintaining good relationships with the government, opposition and colleague organisations within the sector.

COTA Australia has played a major role in recent years in achieving:

  • Aged pension increase
  • Aged care reform (ongoing)
  • Consumer input into PC report
  • Oral and dental care for nursing home residents
  • Age Discrimination Commissioner appointment
  • Carbon tax protection for pensioners
  • National health reform
  • Mental health reform package
  • Improving the work bonus for pensioners
  • Increased employment creation for older workers

COTA Australia collaborates with stakeholders across the ageing sector and with organisations whose work impacts on the well being and independence of older people.  Some examples of other organisations COTA works with on specific issues are:

  • Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA) – on affordable housing and aged care reform
  • RSL, Legacy, Alzheimers and Carers Australia  – on the consumer perspective in the aged care accreditation review
  • Fair Go For Pensioners Coalition – on pension reform
  • National Consumers Roundtable for Energy – on energy issues
  • Australian Council of Social Service Security Network – on income support
  • Palliative Care Australia to promote community discussions – about end of life care
  • Benevolent Society – on future housing options for older people

Individual State/Territory COTAs also have active local collaborations