Star Ratings in Aged Care

Star Ratings in Aged Care

Star Ratings in Aged Care

Nursing homes in Australia now have a star rating system to inform residents, family and friends, and the community about the quality of accommodation and care provided. It provides information and greater transparency which is useful for choosing a home to live in. COTA Australia lobbied for the new star ratings system, and it was a recommendation of the Aged Care Royal Commission.

We believe the introduction of the aged care star rating system will drive improvements in residential aged care nationally. Increased transparency and accountability will help older Australians navigate a complex system.

This is a big step forward for aged care in Australia. Providers with lower ratings have a lot of work to do to and transparency is an important part of making them do it. The star rating system, in combination with system reforms and the improved regulations recommended by the Royal Commission will hold providers to account. It will help restore trust in aged care and highlight areas for improvement.

How to access the Aged Care Star Rating for your nursing home

If you’re looking for the star rating of a particular nursing home, search for “Aged Care Homes” in a local area on the My Aged Care website. It will show you the star ratings in the search results.

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