Home Care Today – Consumers

Home Care Today – Consumers

COTA Australia ran a project branded ‘Home Care Today’ from 2013 to June 2017 and was funded by the then Department of Health and Ageing. Home Care Today helped consumers and providers of Home Care Packages understand and implement Consumer Directed Care. COTA Australia continues to provide access to Home Care Today resources which were current at June 2017. However they are no longer monitored or updated, and information may not be current. You can access the project resources for CONSUMERS via the links below:

Considering Home Care

If you’re considering home care, you have different options to choose from, including a Home Care Package. To make an informed decision, you’ll want to know what’s available and what it costs. This page goes through the Home Care options; Commonwealth Home Support program, Home Care Packages, private services, personal networks and community. It then explains the Home Care Package Basics, how the package works and how to choose between a Home Care Package and the Commonwealth Home Support Program, then lastly it explains cost and value for money .

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Getting a Home Care Package

This page explains the steps involved in getting a Home Care Package. It will explain about checking your eligibility for a Home Care Package, Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT or ACAS) assessments and how to arrange one, as well as what happens during and after these assessments. It will then talk about choosing a provider, how you can find a provider in your area, things to consider when choosing a provider and the waiting periods.

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Managing Your Home Care Package

This topic explains how to manage you Home Care Package once you’ve signed your Home Care Agreement. You can help make sure things run smoothly by knowing how to work with your provider, using your Monthly Statement to keep an eye on your finances, knowing your rights and responsibilities and making sure you’re getting value for money.

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Concerns, Complaints and Improvements

If you are unhappy with something, there are ways to address your concerns. This topic explains the different ways and steps involved in raising your concerns, this includes; how to raise concerns with your provider directly and how to make a complaint or change a provider. It also talks about how you can help improve the service and have a say on aged care policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Home Care Today – Consumers. These topics include Home Care Package, Commonwealth Home Support Program, Eligibility and Assessment, Home Care Package Services, Finance and Consumer Directed Care (CDC).

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Consumer Stories and Articles

Here you can find many consumer stories, articles and video resources

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Home Care Today – Providers

You can also access the Home Care Today project resources for PROVIDERS via the link below:

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