Consumer Stories and Articles

Consumer Stories and Articles

Your Home Care Package – Making it work for you

The ‘Home Care Today’ project ran from 2013 to June 2017. COTA Australia continues to provide access to Home Care Today resources which were current at June 2017. However they are no longer monitored or updated, and information may not be current.

At the Home Care Today conference the new video Your Home Care Package – making it work for you was launched. Frequently we have heard from individuals and through research that consumers “Don’t know what they don’t know”. This video aims to give older people just approved for a package a head start to think about what is possible, once they receive a Home Care Package.

The key topics explored in the video are:

  • Its all right to have care
  • Spending money on your care can be a good thing
  • What to do while you wait for you Home Care Package
  • What to look for in choosing a provider
  • You can choose the care and services that will make the most difference to your life
  • What is your case manager and what do they do?

We encourage ACAS teams to share the video with older people that become eligible for a package and to use the wait time to think about what is important for them. We also think that all current people on a package would benefit from hearing from a few people who are making the most of their package.

WATCH the video: Your Home Care Package – making it work for you 

Consumer Stories

Case studies and stories of people in similar situations like yourself can be a powerful resource to demonstrate how people have used home care packages to improve their life. We greatly appreciate the contribution made by people who have shared their experiences and we hope they will assist you in your decision making.

Brian and Kathleen’s story

The Home Care Package has given them choice and control. They greatly value having the same carers who have got to know Brian well, including understanding his needs as well as his interest. Kathleen also has been able to get a break and it has given her peace of mind knowing that Brian is well looked after.

WATCH the video: Home Care Package – making a difference to the quality of life

Introduction to Consumer Directed Care

A range of people including carers and people needing care, share how home care packages have changed their lives.

Getting a package meant for a carer that she was not alone any more and help was available to take off some of the burden she has been carrying in managing a family and being a carer.

Other people love the certainty the package has given them. Knowing who is coming and when they are coming is something they value greatly. Another aspect of a home care package people have valued is the flexibility the package has given them to tailor the services to their own needs.

WATCH the video: Home Care Package – Introduction to Consumer Directed Care

Consumer Perspectives on Consumer Directed Care

I would like to continue living an interesting and stimulating life.

Being able to live at home is very important and for many it is the best option for their well being. Many value knowing what their budget is and their ability to work together with the provider to plan the care enables people to make informed choices.

WATCH the video:  Home Care Package – Consumer perspectives on consumer Directed Care

Determination and good provider delivers consumer directed care

This case study shows how Erica who has Parkinson’s disease and her partner have used a home care package, initially a level two package and now a level three package, to live the best life possible within the limitations that this chronic disease presents.

DOWNLOAD case study: Maintaining our Independence- being on a part pension and understanding what is value


Value for money in the long run 

This case study demonstrates how Brenda who had a stroke three years ago and her husband Malcolm have adapted to the a very different life. They had to adapt their home and put in place the support needed to enable them to life a good life. Brenda is on a level four package and the consistency of care with having the same worker for almost three years, has made a real difference.

DOWNLOAD case study: Value for Money in the Long Run – bringing Brenda home


We did not want his condition to define him

This case study highlights that with good planning, commitment and respectful, collaborative relationship between provider, the person needing care and the family, even people with high needs can remain living at home and to make gains in their life that defies all initial expectations of the medical team.

DOWNLOAD case study: Not Let His Illness Define Him


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