COTA Australia Mature Workforce survey

Thanks to all who responded to the recent Mature Workforce survey. In addition to answering set questions, more than 75 percent of respondents provided personal comments and stories. Plus, 45 percent of participants expressed a willingness to consider related engagement activities we plan to offer over the coming months.

The main survey comprised 6 multiple choice and one open-ended question. Respondents were also invited to provide further comment (views, concerns, suggestions) to several multiple-choice questions. This opportunity was readily accepted with an average of 204 personal commentaries appended to each of these questions.

According to most respondents:

  1. ageist attitudes and behaviour are entrenched in many Australian workplaces
  2. discrimination based on age can profoundly impact on whether and to what extent people aged 45 years and over participate in paid employment and/or be invited to participate in upskilling opportunities
  3. workplaces should be free of age-based stereotypes – a person’s age shouldn’t determine their employment status

One of the best summaries of the research was provided by a respondent who said “Now I know. It’s hard to land yourself a decent job when you fall on the other side of 40. 53 and redundant!  No exactly how I wanted my career to pan out. Plus, receiving this news on a Friday afternoon … left me devastated.”

COTA Australia will be releasing a full report on our findings soon.