Protecting older Australians in the NDIS crucial: COTA

The highly-anticipated NDIS Review report released today includes important recommendations that would protect older Australians with disability, COTA Australia – the leading advocacy organisation for older people – says.

COTA Australia Chief Executive Officer, Patricia Sparrow, said the recommendation that an NDIS participant who goes into aged care after 65 shouldn’t have to relinquish their NDIS services is very positive, as is the recommendation that those who are or were in other disability schemes, such as the Disability Support for Older Australians program, should be able to transition to the NDIS.

“As people age, there’s an increased likelihood that that people may develop disability or that their current disability will increase. Ensuring our aged care system and NDIS can work together and make sure people are still given the supports they need is crucial,” Ms Sparrow said.

“We need to see equity and dignity for older Australians with disability, and that means ensuring older people have access to effective and efficient supports that meet their needs.

“The NDIS has been life-changing for many Australians with disability, but the system broadly has obviously not been without its flaws. For too long various factors have meant many older Australians with disability are not necessarily accessing the services that best meet their needs and that needs to change.

“Older people should have control over their own lives. The NDIS makes that possible for some older people with disability, but there are still gaps. We would only ever want to see the support for older Australians enhanced and expanded, not watered down.”

Ms Sparrow said while there is still much detail in the report to be worked through, COTA is eagerly awaiting the Federal Government’s detailed response to the review.

Media contact: Tamara Kotoyan, 0430 291 890