2019 National Policy Forum Presentations

Challenging Ageism: What is it and what would Australia look like without it?

Presentations from the 2019 National Policy Forum

Ageism faced by older people and what drives it

Kirsty Nowlan, Executive Director, The Benevolent Society and Co-Chair, EveryAGE Counts
Download presentation: Kirsty Nowlan Speaking Notes NPF 2019 (pdf)  
View video: Imagine a world without ageism (YouTube)

Ageism and employment

Mike Rungie, Committee Member, EveryAGE Counts Campaign

Download PDF: Mike Rungie, Top 15 practices for becoming work ready elder NPF 2019 (pdf)
Download PDF: Mike Rungie, Chip Conley’s Top 10 age friendly employer tips NPF 2019(pdf)

The economic impact of ageism

Emma Dawson, Executive Director, Per Capita
Download presentation: Emma Dawson Speaking Notes NPF 2019 (pdf)
View presentation: Emma Dawson Speaking Notes NPF 2019(Per Capita website)

Imagery and imagination – older people in the media and public discourse

Jenny Taylor, Director, Market Research Unit, Department of Health
Download presentation: Jenny Taylor PowerPoint Presentation NPF 2019 (ppt)

Fiona Jolly, CEO, Ad Standards Australia
Download presentation: Fiona Jolly PowerPoint Presentation NPF 2019 (ppt)

What lessons on anti-ageism can be learnt from diverse communities and other campaigns for social change?

Tom Calma, Chancellor, University of Canberra
Download presentation: Tom Calma PowerPoint Presentation NPF 2019 (ppt)

Ageism in Aged Care and Health Care

Ian Yates AM, Chief Executive, COTA Australia
Download presentation: Ian Yates Speaking Notes NPF 2019 (pdf)

Leanne Wells, CEO, Consumers Health Forum
View presentation: Leanne Wells Speech Summary NPF 2019 (CHF website)

Summary remarks and ideas

Caroline Baum, Forum Facilitator
Download Summary: Caroline Baum summary remarks NPF 2019 (pdf)
Download Summary: Summary of ideas about what can be done to challenge ageism NPF 2019 (pdf)