What is Self-management?

What is Self-management?

COTA Australia’s ‘Self-management in Home Care’ project was a ground-breaking initiative funded by the Australian Government from 2017 to its conclusion in September 2019. The COTA Australia website hosts numerous resources  freely available to both providers and consumers to help build a greater understanding and practical knowledge about self-management in home care.

This short video helps to explain a bit about self-management in home care and the COTA Australia model of self-management.

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There is no single way to describe self-management in the context of home care. Each consumer’s motivation to self-manage is as individual as they are. And just as importantly, each provider is different with their strengths, strategy, orientation and business model.

Self-management gives consumers and carers:

  • more control of how their funding is spent,
  • shared authority to decide on purchases,
  • a way of directly paying for services, products and activities relevant to their care,
  • a way to choose support workers and other contractors.

COTA’s model is organised into the following sections to guide you through our model of self-management:

The Provider & Consumer Guides and Toolkits are the major resources developed through the project, they are available to download from the ‘Self-management Resources and Tools’ page.

VIEW our page: Self-management Resources and Tools