FAQs – Consumer Directed Care

FAQs – Consumer Directed Care

What is Consumer Directed Care (CDC) and what does it mean for me?

CDC is a way of delivering care that gives you choice and flexibility. A CDC approach should give you:

  • choices about the types of assistance you want and who will deliver the services and when
  • control over decisions that relate to your life and your care
  • information and knowledge so you can make more informed decisions.

The government has included CDC principles in Aged Care laws to ensure older people’s rights are protected.

Home Care Packages take a CDC approach, meaning that you:

  • are encouraged to identify your goals which will be the basis of the care plan
  • decide how much involvement you want to have in managing the package
  • can choose the way services are delivered and by whom
  • have an individualised budget and a monthly statement of income and expenditure
  • can expect regular contact with your provider, and to change your supports if your needs or preferences change.

What are the principles of Consumer Directed Care?

The six principles of CDC are:

  • consumer choice and control
  • rights
  • respectful and balanced partnerships
  • participation
  • wellness and re-ablement
  • transparency

These principles guide the delivery of Home Care Packages.

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